January 29, 2016

Christian + Alie: The Wedding

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by Sleeping At Last. "I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)"
The Book of Love "The Book of Love" from Scratch My Back by Peter Gabriel. Released: 2010. Track 8 of 12. Genre: Rock. "The Book of Love"

This wedding was just, perfect.  Christian + Alie are simply put…genuine.  Love these two and their affection for each other and their love for the Lord.  Thank you so much for letting me capture this day. Shout out to Taylor Cash Photography for helping me out with this one. c+a_0001c+a_0002c+a_0038c+a_0004c+a_0005c+a_0006c+a_0007c+a_0008c+a_0009c+a_0010c+a_0011c+a_0012c+a_0013c+a_0014c+a_0015c+a_0016c+a_0017c+a_0018c+a_0020c+a_0021c+a_0022c+a_0023c+a_0024c+a_0025c+a_0039c+a_0026c+a_0027c+a_0029c+a_0030c+a_0031c+a_0032c+a_0033c+a_0034c+a_0035c+a_0036c+a_0037c+a_0040c+a_0041c+a_0042c+a_0044c+a_0045c+a_0046c+a_0047c+a_0048c+a_0049c+a_0050c+a_0051c+a_0052c+a_0053c+a_0054c+a_0055c+a_0056c+a_0057c+a_0058c+a_0059c+a_0060c+a_0061

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