Free wedding photography giveaway?…are you crazy? Well, maybe a little crazy and yes, free!

free wedding photography giveaway

Yeah, it’s that time again…Last year was my first year giving away free wedding photography to a kickass couple. The response I got was crazy(I mean who doesn’t want something free.?! Especially something like this. Would love to show the wedding from the winners of last years giveaway but their Charleston wedding isn’t til October. I’ve been blessed with so many amazing couples and I’m so thankful that this is what I do for a living. You don’t have to follow me on Instagram (joshrigsby) or like me on facebook (Josh Rigsby Photography) I’m not here for shameless plugs. But, it won’t hurt your chances. 😉  Stoked(maybe my favorite word.)to hear from everyone!

free wedding photography giveaway

It’s simple!

Send me an email at

Tell me about you two! All the crazy cool aspects of your story together.

How you met, the engagement, your favorite ice cream(mine is Cookies n’ Cream)

…you get the idea. 

Tell me why you’d love to win this giveaway.

A photo that best represents you two would be great.

If you’re on Instagram, let me know so I can tag you if you win!

Let me know when your day is. (If you know)

Let me know where it’s going down.

Good Luck!

free wedding photography giveaway


Wedding must take place in 2018.

Not getting married but know someone that is, feel free to share this on Facebook or Instagram.

Winner will receive 8 hours of photography on their wedding day and a USB of 400-600 hi-res digital photos with a print release.

All images will be available for online viewing for 3 months after they’ve been posted.

Entries will be narrowed down and picked by me…with possible input from the wife.

The winners will be notified by email on SEPTEMBER 26th.

Winners will be posted to my blog/social media on September 30th.

Couples who have already booked with Josh Rigsby Photography are not eligible for this contest.

You cannot already be booked with another photographer.

Only catch…travel fees will have to be covered by the bride and groom.

Your wedding must be on a day that isn’t already booked by Josh Rigsby Photography.  If you do not have a date set, one must be set within 2 weeks of winning or a new winner will be selected

A contract must be signed and returned to Josh Rigsby Photography within 2 weeks of winning. Any travel expenses will be paid 2 weeks before the wedding day.

Any extras (engagement session, bridal session, albums, or prints) are NOT included.  They can however be added on at their regular price.