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Graduated with a major in graphic design, but I was bored constantly sitting behind a computer screen doing work with no substance whatsoever. I couldn’t take it anymore.

So, it was time for a change.

So I grabbed my camera and knowledge from all the classes I could take in college and took a step in faith and trust God. Taking photos of people is crazy fun and brings me so much joy. Especially when those people are just some kick ass individuals.

When it comes to my approach to photography, it’s all about geniune, raw emotion. Capturing your story, your adventure, your love as it’s happening. You bring all the feels, I bring the camera.

Something that’s just as important as the photographs themselves,…the relationship you have with your photographer.
I want you to feel free to be yourselves when you step in front of the camera, so we need to have those good vibes between us.
So shoot me an email and let’s get together for a beer or some coffee and chat.

T+N-132n+m_0002God has blessed me with an amazing family that I get to call mine. 8 amazing years and counting with my wife and best friend. My son Emory, who is just a smart, hilarious, ball of energy that probably is teaching me more than I am teaching him. And of course, my little girl, my BaeZae, my Zadie. Already has me wrapped around her tiny little finger. I heart them so much.us

Oh and if you’re not close to me but love what I do…I do love an adventure.