September 30, 2017

Wedding giveaway winners!

Guys! Doing this giveaway again has been such a great experience. Even after last year’s giveaway, I still didn’t imagine the response I would get.
Yes I understand that I’m giving something away for free and people will sign up to sign up, but the response from my couples have been so heartfelt.
After last years giveaway, I knew I would have another hard time picking a couple that I not only felt was deserving but also two people I felt we would just have a killer time working together.
That being said, emailing couples to let them know they didn’t win sucks. But, hopefully I get the opportunity to work with those that did not win.
But onto the winners…Liam + Karina!  Can’t wait to see you guys in April in that California sun!

wedding giveaway winnerswedding giveaway winners

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