Honest moments of heart felt love
captured through an extension of who I am.

Sarah + Haley: Max Patch Engagement / Asheville NC

intimate, sunset, max patch engagement Sarah + Haley’s Max Patch engagement session could not have been better. There were so many people around the mountain. More than I have ever seen actually but we were able to find some moments away from the crowd. I also don’t think we could have asked for a better sunset. I’ve shot quite a few Max Patch engagement session and it always gives you something different and that night was no different. The “golden hour” is obviously a photographer’s best friend and it was insane that night. We had a blast for the short amount of time we chased the light. But being able to spend an hour or so drinking a beer in the dark and talking about design, dogs, struggles, and life in general was what made this night and moment in time really special.

When couples like Sarah + Haley come along and let their guards down and give full access to their hearts and souls, it makes for some special moments, in front of the camera and face to face.

A few weeks ago, they got to finally become one. It was hot but it was everything I knew it would be and more. It was intimate and perfectly fit who Sarah + Haley are. I’m so happy for these two and cannot wait to share more from their day. You can check out a few teasers on my Instagram.  Until then, enjoy their engagement session in the mountains.

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